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Social Impact

Social Impact

Our mission is to drive transformative social impact by applying BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 talent in partnership with the most innovative and effective organizations, addressing some of the world's most pressing issues.

We partner with organizations that have pioneered and scaled models of change that demonstrably work, but which often lack access to the type of strategic consulting that BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 can provide to help them reach full potential.

This is why our 10-year commitment to invest $1 billion in pro bono consulting work is so important.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 Social Impact Report

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 works in partnership with leading social innovators on lasting, transformative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


Our Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

Our pro bono work brings BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆’s talent, expertise and insight to organizations tackling today’s urgent challenges in education, economic development and the environment. To tackle these issues, we have organized around three key areas.


We work with innovative education nonprofits and school systems to create better opportunities for underserved students to lead choice-filled lives. Learn about how we help clients in the education sector.

Economic Development

Our economic development work leverages the power of markets and business enterprise models to create jobs, fuel income growth and improve the quality of life for the world's poor. Learn about our economic development work.


We work with environmental NGOs to strengthen their conservation efforts, and with corporate clients to embed sustainability and reduce environmental impact. We are proud to lead the industry on environmentally responsible practices as a Certified 100% CarbonNeutral Company®. Learn about our Environmental Policy.



We partner with a range of organizations that are creating meaningful change in our communities. Here's a look at some of them.

Our Enduring Clients Include

Our Enduring Clients Include

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 has partnered with the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP)BOB投注登陆 since 2010 to increase the number of its low-income students graduating from college and more than double the number of students served.

We have partnered extensively with Acumen since 2012—from strategy and operating model design, to sector-mapping and investee pipeline development. 

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 teams have helped shape Endeavor'sBOB投注登陆 global strategy and the expansion of its repeatable model to roughly 30 countries around the world.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 teams have worked with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to develop and operationalize a sustainable fundraising strategy and operating model, which will nearly triple current private-sector funding to $1 billion.

We are working with The Nature ConservancyBOB投注登陆 to address critical environmental issues around the globe, from sustainable forestry in North America to tuna scarcity in Micronesia.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 has worked with Denver Public Schools, a leader in American education reform, across several of its strategic priorities, including distributed leadership and career-connected learning.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Social & Public Sectors

Social & Public Sector

We help tackle some of the world's toughest social issues by partnering with the most effective and change-oriented nonprofit organizations and government entities.

Explore our Social & Public Sector work


Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

In addition to our work with nonprofits, we help clients accelerate their core business strategies while addressing social, environmental and economic fairness considerations.

Explore our Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility work

People in Action

People in Action

BOB投注登陆BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies across the globe give their time and talent to make a difference. These are a few of the ways our people take action.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies can rally around issues they are passionate about by joining one of our global affiliation groups.

The Global Development Network (GDEV) is a grassroots network that connects and mobilizes hundreds of BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies who share a passion for global development. The network holds knowledge-building events and offers opportunities for BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies to support developing-market social enterprises.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆’s Green Teams leverage office-level “green communities”—BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies who are passionate about reducing our environmental impact—to champion sustainability strategies. These employee-led teams identify and implement environmentally sustainable practices in their local offices and share best practices globally.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 is proud to share that we have led the industry as a 100% CarbonNeutral CompanyBOB投注登陆 since 2012, offsetting all emissions, including client travel.

Another opportunity for BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies to make a difference is through nonprofit casework. Through these "Extra 10%" projects, volunteer teams provide consulting advice to nonprofits and social enterprises.

We have led hundreds of Extra 10% cases over the past few years, providing unique professional development opportunities while positively impacting local communities.

Social impact externships provide our people with deep, hands-on experience working for a wide variety of NGOs, social enterprises and public sector organizations around the world.

We provide opportunities to work with our key partner organizations, such as Acumen, Endeavor, Ethiopian Agribusiness Accelerator Platform and KIPP. Externs can also work with alternative organizations based on the causes they are personally passionate about. Our externs support critical strategic projects and drive meaningful results—this past year we received a 100% Net Promoter Score from our extern partner organizations.

We embrace a grassroots tradition of fostering entrepreneurial community service, encouraging employees to rally for the causes they care most about.

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 offers several opportunities to volunteer with our community partners, including office-wide Community Impact Days, which are hosted by most offices around the globe.

In 2017, two-thirds of all BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆ies were involved in some form of social impact initiative across the globe, contributing over 30,000 hours of volunteer service and raising $1.5 million for local nonprofits—in addition to the countless hours and millions of dollars invested through our pro bono casework.

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