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Unit 2407-09, Office Tower 2 
China Central Place 
No. 79 Jian'guo Road 
Chaoyang District 
Beijing 100025, China


Inspired by the vast potential of the Chinese nation and its people, BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 was the first foreign strategy firm to plant roots in Beijing. For more than 25 years, our team has partnered with change-oriented clients across China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We operate as part of BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 Greater China, along with our offices in Shanghai and Hong KongBOB投注登陆. BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 Beijing is nestled within the city’s central business district, just above the Da Wang Road station of Metro Line 1 and beside the sophisticated Shin Kong Place shopping mall.

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A Career at BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 & Company

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 & Company has been named one of the world's best places to work, offering a wide range of career options for undergraduates, MBAs, advanced degree holders and experienced professionals.

Our formula for success has been simple—create a high-impact, supportive culture where immensely talented people are encouraged to be brilliant at what they do. 

Social Impact

Social Impact

BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 passionately participates in important pro bono work in Greater China, partnering with organizations like the Hong Kong Ballet and One Foundation.

Hong Kong Ballet

BOB投注登陆The Hong Kong Ballet has been performing in the city for 30 years, but still operates with a small budget. BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 recently helped the ballet conduct a strategic review of its full potential and developed recommendations for organizational requirements, fundraising efforts and board composition.

One Foundation

One Foundation has a strategic partnership with the Red Cross Society of China, which operates under the slogan "one person + one dollar/yuan + one month = one big family." BOB投注登陆|BOB投注BOB投注登陆 has worked with One Foundation since 2007, involved in various projects like mass-market fundraising and marketing strategy, organizational development, new business model redesign, a charity award evaluation mechanism, and social enterprise.

Fundraising and Volunteering

Our Greater China offices also support local charities through fundraising and volunteering efforts. In Shanghai and Beijing, team members volunteer on weekends and evenings to teach at local migrant children’s schools.


Beijing office

Unit 2407-09, Office Tower 2 
China Central Place 
No. 79 Jian'guo Road 
Chaoyang District 
Beijing 100025, China

Business Contact

Dan Dai/Rachel Zhu

BOB投注登陆Phone: +86 21 2211 5588


Local Media/Public Relations

Dan Dai

BOB投注登陆Phone: +86 21 2211 5819

International and Corporate Media/Public Relations

Nicholas Worley

BOB投注登陆Phone: +852 2978 8830


Rachel Zhu

Phone: +86 21 2211 5675

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